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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I wish

Day by Day
Emotion getting worse and worst.

I don know why
But I just am.

Choose to remain silent this time cause i know it wont bring any good to our r/s instead of harm .

Sometime I wondering
Would you think about us ? I mean in future ?
If you are busying wif ur work.
Im fine with it but when come to all these.
It just make me feel not right.

I can feel your love but i cant feel your love.
I know Im the one but I dunno am I the one.
I know Im important to you but i dunno am i important to you.
Everything is just so confusing and put me in the insecure situation .
Which I know It wont be good to both of us.

Sometime I feel that you doesn't care
Sometime you don even know what I want

And to you,
All I want is just a romance guy.

No.Im not
I just want you to spend sometime on me.
Just me. Only Me.
Please Concentrate on me.

A comfort date belongs to you and me.
Put away all the gadget,
Lying on your chest, talk about love and hope
Talk / discuss about our future , at least I know im not in a one way traffic.

Every time you will just say you got no time to think about this.
You will think it when its come.
What if it doesn't come ?

You are a nice guy that i never met.
I know I shouldn't demand so much.
As long I know that we are tgt now.

I love you with all my heart.
I put u as my priority and i take you as a part of my family.


"Why you always being so negative ? Couldn't you just think something happier and good ?"
" I did. I always think about how nice and lovely that he used to treat me last time but he said don't compare the presence and the past. What else I could think ?"
"Think about the future between you wif him? Think how many babies you gonna have with him?"
" I dunno am i the one for him. I worry once I think of it and end up, (touchwood) we couldn't make it, I will collapse.I dare not to imagine that. I scare. I really scare to lost him."
"Why you will have this thought coming from your mind that he din take you as the one?"
" I dunno, I just dunno. Maybe I cant feel I'm the one ?"
"Is just always you who though that u're not the one. Did you ask him before?"
"Can i ask him this ?"



What I could blame is just me and myself.
For being so not confidence.
For being so emotional.
For being so insecure.

Hug heals. Forehead kiss cures.


All i wish that
I don't want to make u feel suffocate .
I don't want you to feel that im so clingy.
I don't want you to doubt about our r/s.
I don't want your love fade away.

I really hope that we could grow old together till forever.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014




Tuesday, June 24, 2014

至: 曾经是朋友的我们

至: 曾经是朋友的我们

人 往往都是会做错事
但 为何友谊就那么的脆弱
就意味着 现在已经没有再联络
亦不会去关心对方的进况 亦不知对方过的是好是坏
不再是朋友 也或许可以说 最熟悉的陌生人吧

其实 嘴角还是不知不觉的往上扬
难道 一刹那的怨恨 都比不过曾经的开心吗 ?
为什么就会为了那么小的事情 而搞到这样 ?

都长大了 不想再有 所谓的敌人 所谓的不爽
难道就 不累吗 不烦吗

都是你们的问题 我没有错
反正各有各的道理 各有各的理由
但到了最终 也都只不过是离不开 认输 爱脸 这几个字吗 ?

撇开了这些 仔细想想
难道就分不清青红皂白吗 ?
谁是谁非 真真假假 到底真的那么重要吗

如果真的那么的珍惜那段友谊 那么的姐妹 那么的兄弟
不是做什么都能被原谅 做什么都可以解决吗 ?

曾经 我们都是最要好的朋友 可以那么好姐妹 那么好兄弟
曾经 我们每一天都腻在一起
曾经 我们无所不谈
曾经 我们伤心 就一起哭 一起喊 一起乱 一起度过
曾经 我们是最了解对方 最熟悉对方
曾经 我们度过很多个曾经

我们之间的友谊就是那么的脆弱 那么的失败

在此 真心祝福你们
过的开心 过得幸福  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

♥ 十年修來同船渡 百年修得共枕眠

總是在想 到底我們之中 誰會是最快步入“人妻”的階段呢?
當 她 告訴我們 她 要註冊的時候
整班姐妹都真的替 她 感到興奮不已
再加上明年農曆新年的時候 我們又有多一份紅包收啦 ! LOL  *白癡*

10/11/2012 (雙囍日)
因為在同一天 我的另外一位好姐妹
Chin Chin koay 也訂婚啦 !
好有愛的一天 !


總有一個人 能讓你 安心的 放心的 去 愛 


你看 ! 她是多麼的美麗 
我的漂亮妞妞 SY Lee

親愛的 答應我們 一定要永遠幸福快樂
無論是好的壞的 我們這班姐妹 永遠都會陪在你的身邊 做你的聆聽者

到底是撿到的就會是下一個出嫁的新娘 還是 撿到的會幸福一輩子啊 ? *疑問*

♥ ♥ ♥  我要對你多好 你要愛我多少♥ ♥ ♥ 

♥ 我的姐妹淘 ♥ 

My honey Wife ♥ 

♥ Babe Penny 

Babe MayC ♥ 

要是你們敢給我們一個隨隨便便的婚禮 你們就知道
她要嫁 我們都不給她嫁 !
哈 ! Sei Meiii xD



L.S.Y 小姐 你願意嫁 ........ 無論是生老病死 ....... ...... ......
Sy : 我願意 ♥ ♥ ♥  ! 


♥ 恭喜蔡氏夫婦♥ 

願你們 白首不相離 
“执子之手,与子偕老”永遠幸福快樂 !!
期待你們的婚禮 !!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Being blessed ♥

Everyone comes into your life for a reason; some good, some bad. 
Some meant to stay and some meant to leave.
We couldn't even predict what God has arrange for us. *TRUST HIM*
Therefore, Just treasure what we having now before it turn out to what we Had later.

I have a bunch of Girlfriends/ Crazy friends that I heart a lotssssss !

I have a Family / Dearest that I care a lotsss !

and of course 
I have a boyfiee that I love a lotss !

I treasure every moment we spend together and I pray that they will stay in my life forever.
Love you all sooo much !!

*Wee ! 7 days more to our 1st anniversary ! YAY !!
My Sui po Chin chin is coming back home today ! Doble Yayy !!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

♥ 若是無能為力,那就順其自然

敏感的人註定活得辛苦 因為太容易被別人的情緒所牽動
敏感的人總愛胡思亂想  結果困在一團亂麻的思緒中 動彈不得 
有時候 與其敏感 倒不如少根筋

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

♥ My bday bash (1)

Is been awhile i din really update about my daily life alrdy.
I guess I might  just lost the passion for blogging .. hmm

Okay, I know im a bit late but at least i blog about it .
Is all about my Awesome , smashed , Crazy , Touched and heart warming bday bash =)

I think I had celebrated my bday for 5days , Continuously , With alcohol *Insane!!* 
U have no choice when you have a bunch of friends who wish to see u get smashed during ur bday !
LIKE ME!!! *Poor thing*

Lets get start at 16/8/2012

A bday celebration with my Flyday babes @ The Hills , Damansara Height 

The moment I said " Since we got nth to do here , Lets ciaoz  "
At the same time ,The waiter served up the cake 
I was like Omgod, Im a Happy girl !

Straight hugged my babe Irene for the surprise 

Babe Amelia 

 Babe Jesleen , My 14 year's old fren 

 My Sweetest honey Wife , Cody 

My Pretty Babe Irene

My Sweetie Pie , Babe Cherry 

 Heart them sooo muchh 

With my Spammer 's Buddies and friends @ Idart Hex , Scott Garden
That night was a disaster !
I totally cant recall back what I had done that night & who showed up in the end until I viewed back my camera ! 

My Loves 

FYI , My memories just until here only
Others , I had no idea what am I doing *Auto pilot-ing*

Thiang , Pin & Wy 

So photo do the talking 

Babe Penny 

Tai zi 

Boyfiee keep standing behind me to protect me away from d cream !
So goooooddd ♥

Who idea is this ? 老婆婆 ! Wtf ! Hahahaha

The truth reveal !!!! 
I will get that smashed is just because of you

Let's cheer everyone * me*
NO ! We have to cheer you one by one.. Therefore , you got a lots to drink * CODY KOAN*

By this photo , everyone can see.. 
They seems like queuing or take turns to cheer wif me !

Boyfiee told me that that night i was like a crazy woman
Shouting non stop and drinking non stop 
I might just sober for an hours plus 
I couldn't walk out by my self and need two big guys to carried me out 
Gosh , That's soooo Embarrassing =( 

So I din manage to remove my make up , take out my lens , changing myself 
and just straight collapse on the bed
*Pity boyfiee, Hahahaha.. Paiseh xD*

On the next day  ( 18/8/2012) , I was like " Kill me pls" , this is so suffering ! I hate hang over
I think i slept until 4pm and at that moment  i swore Im not going to touch any alcohol anymore ! 
Im serious !!

But still , Went zoukie with my boyfiee that night and his friends doesn't let me gooo
Luckily i js drank few sips only..  Body still can afford it xD

19/08/2012 Sector 7 , Setia walk
The Spammer's buddies came all the way to puchong for another alcohol session
Due to the hangover , I told them Im not going to drink like mad anymore
Thanks god they understood me , Few glasses will do =)
In the end , Ze boyfiee , Pin and wong mei nao get tipsy and drunk pula ! LOL !!