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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

♥ Girls Outing

Hi Peeps.. Lately I were in a kinda healthy life style
No Supper , Sleep earlier & Less On9
Yet , I feel kinda lifeless..I still need some entertainment :(

Trying to arrange my time well to catch up some outing with my gff ~
Simply Miss them soooo Much
*Heart To Heart* ♥

Alright , Updating the latest Outing with my gfff
 16/7/2010 , Friday @ Pavilion , KL

Yeah , My Lovely Soul Sister 
Too bad, some of them cant managed to meet us up .. Sobx  :(

MayC , Wen Wen , Wei Wei & My self

I looked so tall beside in them
They called me as "Chun dek Mummy" Urghhh ~~

Headed to Ichiban Boshi for our Luchie
I still prefer Sushi King XD

While Eating , We playing with the Hello Kitty Camera 's Apps
Aww..We just so in love with in
Especially The silly babe , Liew Wei Wei

I love this photo soooo much ~ Teehee

Heng Wen Wen & Liew Wei Wei ; My pretty babes
MayC with me

After finished Our lunch , just hanging around and heading to Chocolate Lounge
Our Place to update our lately 
Meanswhile Camwhore kaw kaw over there

Heng Wen Wen & Cheah See See

 Liew Wei Wei with me 

Playing mode


And some video for that days
Check It out =)

That all for that day , more photo at FB 
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