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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I wish

Day by Day
Emotion getting worse and worst.

I don know why
But I just am.

Choose to remain silent this time cause i know it wont bring any good to our r/s instead of harm .

Sometime I wondering
Would you think about us ? I mean in future ?
If you are busying wif ur work.
Im fine with it but when come to all these.
It just make me feel not right.

I can feel your love but i cant feel your love.
I know Im the one but I dunno am I the one.
I know Im important to you but i dunno am i important to you.
Everything is just so confusing and put me in the insecure situation .
Which I know It wont be good to both of us.

Sometime I feel that you doesn't care
Sometime you don even know what I want

And to you,
All I want is just a romance guy.

No.Im not
I just want you to spend sometime on me.
Just me. Only Me.
Please Concentrate on me.

A comfort date belongs to you and me.
Put away all the gadget,
Lying on your chest, talk about love and hope
Talk / discuss about our future , at least I know im not in a one way traffic.

Every time you will just say you got no time to think about this.
You will think it when its come.
What if it doesn't come ?

You are a nice guy that i never met.
I know I shouldn't demand so much.
As long I know that we are tgt now.

I love you with all my heart.
I put u as my priority and i take you as a part of my family.


"Why you always being so negative ? Couldn't you just think something happier and good ?"
" I did. I always think about how nice and lovely that he used to treat me last time but he said don't compare the presence and the past. What else I could think ?"
"Think about the future between you wif him? Think how many babies you gonna have with him?"
" I dunno am i the one for him. I worry once I think of it and end up, (touchwood) we couldn't make it, I will collapse.I dare not to imagine that. I scare. I really scare to lost him."
"Why you will have this thought coming from your mind that he din take you as the one?"
" I dunno, I just dunno. Maybe I cant feel I'm the one ?"
"Is just always you who though that u're not the one. Did you ask him before?"
"Can i ask him this ?"



What I could blame is just me and myself.
For being so not confidence.
For being so emotional.
For being so insecure.

Hug heals. Forehead kiss cures.


All i wish that
I don't want to make u feel suffocate .
I don't want you to feel that im so clingy.
I don't want you to doubt about our r/s.
I don't want your love fade away.

I really hope that we could grow old together till forever.

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